Waste Management

USDA Solid Waste Management Project 2016 - 2017

The UVLSRPC was awarded $180,000 to perform solid waste management tasks as follows:

 Task 1 – Food Scraps Composting School:   

  1. Develop food scraps composting workshop with Mark Hutchinson & NH DES.
  2. Provide workshop and work with compost facility owners to provide site visit training.
  3. Analyze at least two potential Upper Valley sites for a regional facility.
  4. Provide at least one town pilot food scraps composting project. 

Task 2 – Municipal Waste Management Technical Assistance:  

  1. Provide at least four trainings for increasing recycling of materials from component items (e.g. mercury-switch removal) including modest lunch ($3/person).
  2. Provide on-site visits to at least eight towns to review and expand universal waste collection programs.
  3. Develop town-specific brochures for at least two towns.
  4. Provide other assistance as needed such as assist transfer station attendants in writing/updating transfer station operating and closure plans for at least two towns.
  5. Develop waste management education materials for town web sites.
  6. Provide training to RPC Project Manager via participation at NERC and NRRA training events.

 Task 3 – School Janitorial Green Cleaning Conference, Workshop, & Support: 

  1. Work with DHMC and IEHA to develop conference and workshop.
  2. Work with schools to establish a learning network for the janitorial staff.
  3. Facilitate registration and hold conference.
  4. Facilitate registration and hold workshop.  Carol Westinghouse will assist.
  5. Provide on-site visits and support for green cleaning systems.
  6. Provide green cleaning pilot project at a regional school with purchase of two ozonating water units and microfiber cleaning system supplies.

Task 4 – School Chemical Safety Workshops & School Evaluations:  

  1. Work with State, schools, and nonprofit organizations to advertise the workshops.
  2. Coordinate registration and provision of workshops.
  3. Facilitate two workshops provided by Waddell Environmental.
  4. Provide at least three on-site school visits to provide recommendations to stop using specific chemicals, replace chemicals, properly discard chemicals, and change storage procedures for efficiency and safety.  This is working with janitors and administration.
  5. Develop web site virtual tour of school hazards and solutions.

 Task 5 – Nontoxic Cleaning & Safe Personal Care Program:  

  1. Provide outreach at at least six public events.
  2. Work with at least five cleaner test volunteers and post testimonies on web and Facebook.
  3. Develop, print, and distribute two comic books to all schools and towns in the region and place it on the web site to share.
  4. Develop brochure or flyer on safe personal care products for distribution.

 Task 6 – Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Regional Professional Development:  

  1. Facilitate the New Hampshire HHW Coordinators Network with at least four meetings.
  2. Develop media campaign to be used by NH HHW programs: radio ads, short YouTube videos, newspaper ads, virtual tour of house and grocery store to show hazardous products, and develop “green newspaper” for non-computer users. 
  3. Develop and provide a northeast US HHW Coordinators conference with NAHMMA Northeast in 2017.
  4. Assist in the development of a national HHW Coordinators conference with NAHMMA for 2018 in the northeast.
  5. Participate in NAHMMA conferences by RPC Project Manager.

 Task 7 – Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collections:  

  1. Provide and expand HHW collections to include two municipal “satellite” programs to serve the smaller rural communities.
  2. Formalize and expand partnerships with Hartford, Vermont and surrounding towns in NH and VT for use of permanent HHW collection site.
  3. Assess layout/expansion of permanent facility.