Waste Management

2012 - 2013 USDA Connecticut River Valley Waste Management Project

In 2011, Victoria Davis of the UVLSRPC applied for a grant to work in partnership with the Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management District (offices in Ascutney, Vermont) and the Windham County Solid Waste Management District (offices in Brattleboro, Vermont).  In April 2012, the Commission was awarded over $184,000 for this multi-faceted project.



There are three major tasks to this project.  For the final report covering all tasks, click here.

Task 1:  Evaluate expansion of the Household Hazardous Waste collections in all three regions.  The Vermont regions have used mobile HHW collections in the past, and this method was evaluated for the New Hampshire towns as well as the use of permanent HHW collection sites and satellite collections for the smaller towns which would occur during a major one-day collection in a larger town.  Current collection rates in the NH region are 4% at best, and we will be looking at ways to increase that participation.  A contractor was hired to perform this part of Task 1 and his final report is available here.

Also part of Task 1 is to develop and provide Safe School Lab workshops for both New Hampshire and Vermont schools.  See this web site for a glimpse of the workshops.

Task 2:  Develop Nontoxic Marketing Campaign to teach people not to buy toxic products in the first place.  Wetherbee Creative & Web was hired to assist in developing this program.  Visit this site to see the materials developed for this campaign.

Task 3:  Develop a Food Composting Network in the three regions.  Surveys of major commercial food waste generating companies were done to determine quantities and current management methods.  An evaluation of compost sites was also done to determine how best to provide for this waste diversion method.  Click here for the final report developed by the Windham Solid Waste Management District.