Waste Management

Sullivan County Composting Pilot Project


Composting Pilot Project Site at Sullivan County Facility, Unity, New Hampshire

The County facilities include a nursing home and jail which serve about 700 meals per day with 300-400 pounds of food waste each day or 70 tons per year. Anne Nordstrom worked with the kitchen and maintenance staff to learn how to separate out the food waste for composting and to mix the nitrogen-rich food waste with a carbon source. Much of the required carbon component of the compost is from leaves collected in Claremont by the inmates during a spring clean-up. The City had not been able to collect the leaves due to budget cuts so Anne organized assistance from the county facility. She also obtains a carbon source of horse manure from the many farms and boarding stables in the area (and she's always looking for more!).

During 2011, Jessica Skinner and Joel Moyer were hired by UVLSRPC to continue working on composting in the Sullivan County towns. They chose to work with schools to encourage food composting. They are currently working with several schools and planning a workshop for teachers about school composting programs.