Waste Management

A World at Waste

30 Minutes (2005)

WorldatWaste_opt.jpgA World at Waste is the story of one man's apathy for the environment and the tragic events his wastefulness brings to his family. Kevin Pickard is a family man with a loving wife and child, but behind their 'Leave It to Beaver' facade is a dark secret. Unknowingly to his family, Kevin has been destroying their futures by dumping used motor oil into pristine rivers and burying old car batteries. But on one fateful day, he will realize the damage he's done after discovering the thriving city he calls home has turned into a barren ghost town.

Kevin chances upon a mysterious derelict who is revealed to be his son, sixteen years older! Kevin has traveled into the future to learn from his son how mankind has consumed all natural resources and polluted the water, air and ground. With this frightening foreshadow, Kevin begins a frantic quest to save his family's future by changing the mistakes of his past