Waste Management

Paper Recycling, Glass Recycling

14 Minutes (2004), 7 Minutes (1999)

paperGlassRecycling.jpgWhenever we hear the word "recycle" we think of paper. Paper makes up 40% of the general waste stream and 70% of the municipal recycling stream. Of all the recycling processes, glass is the easiest to understand and one of the most engaging to watch. It also resembles the technologies used in plastic and steel recycling.

Both productions are on the same DVD. They each take you on an entertaining and informative journey of the "grave-to-cradle" transformation from discarded material to reformed product. Both use factory footage, animations and a good pace, to tell a story that is clear and fun to watch.

These productions do not focus on the behavioral or social aspects of recycling. Instead, they engage the viewer by first presenting fascinating technologies, then moving to reasons to recycle. Therefore, they are a good classroom and/or promotional tool to encourage recycling. Science and technology teachers may also find these presentations useful. Both productions have been optimized for classroom and promotional uses. Appropriate for 5th graders through adults.

Both productions were written by a former high school science teacher/ environmentalist who wanted to provide a clear and fun answer to the question - "What happens to recyclables after they leave your recycling bin?"