Waste Management

All About Garbage and Recycling

Two Stories on one DVD 25-30 minutes each (2008)

allaboutgarbage.jpgGarbage and Recycling
Featuring Backpack Jack
Did you know that one person throws away about five pounds of garbage a day? That's nearly 1,800 pounds a year! So, what happens to all that garbage? Join Backpack Jack and his friends as they dive into the big, stinky and amazing story of garbage. You'll laugh, you'll learn and you'll hold your nose as you discover what happens to garbage after it leaves your home and all the cool ways we can recycle and keep trash out of the landfills. You'll see the monster machines that transform old stuff into new stuff. You'll even see an ultimate car crusher that can flatten a truck into a pancake! Ages 4-9.

Featuring Hard Hat Harry
You're in the driver's seat with big rigs, small trucks, and everything in between! Take a road trip with a big old 18-wheeler and see what it's like to sleep in the cab, hook up the trailer, and even talk to other truckers on the CB radio! Ages 4-9.